Dover Ward 3

We should all be grateful to the many New Hampshire citizens who took the time to study issues and candidates, and then to vote on November 6.   Despite the out-of-state funding that poured into New Hampshire, the results indicate that the majority of  voters made thoughtful decisions,  based not on ideology but rather on what was best for our state and its residents.

New Hampshire has become the focus of the Free State movement in recent years.  For the past two years we have seen what happens to a citizen legislature that is run by ideologues.  Apparently, voters were not pleased with the results of the 2010 election, and many of those who were elected then were defeated this time by candidates with more moderate views.  It appears that most voters have absorbed the lesson that elections do have consequences; this may account for the large numbers of people who came out to vote last week, and for the diligence with which many studied the issues and the candidates beforehand.

The state legislature will have many newcomers sworn into office on December 5.  Those I have met exhibit serious and non-partisan intentions: to improve our business climate and increase job opportunities; to protect our historic and natural environment; to support public education  (including our University and community college systems), to respect the rights of women, and to enhance the New Hampshire life-style we all value.  I think we are all agreed that taxpayer monies should be managed frugally, and spent wisely when and where necessary.   I am proud that I will be one of this new class of legislators, and I am excited about the opportunity to forge accomplishments to benefit my city and state.

I had never run for elected office prior to this election; the entire process proved to be exhilarating and exhausting at once.  Through the campaign I have met Dover residents I would probably never have encountered otherwise; I treasure these new friendships and expect them to grow over time. 

Please note that my web site includes contact information and that I expect you to contact me whenever something comes up in the legislature that is of concern to you.  I will never promise to vote in order to please anyone, but I do promise to consider all of your views, and to vote in the way I believe will best serve the interests of the people of  New Hampshire.

Thank you for your support.

Janice S. Gardner

Representative to the NH General Court

Dover Ward 3 / NH District 15